Central Shield Special Administrative Biome

Image of agri-arcology
Image of agri-arcology

Central Shield is a sprawling, self-regulating, ecologically integrated megacity on the north shore of Lake Superior, in Ontario, Canada. The name Central Shield comes from the Central Shield Forest eco-region in northern Ontario, the location of this project, selected for its geological stability and abundance of fresh water. It is a densely populated, sustainable living machine designed as an adaptation to a warming planet.

Map of utopian city in Northern Canada

This map shows the metropolitan area of the Central Shield Special Administrative Biome. The legend shows the population density of existing urban areas in order to provide a sense of the possible population of CSSAB


The utopian city is one part of the larger Future Parfait project that also includes the Cosmazon dreamtime and Lodar stories.

Gold fur suit woman on a flying motorcycle in the night

Flying through the night in a fur suit in Central Shield.

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