Future Parfait

Woman standing next to flying bike.
Woman standing next to flying bike.
Air bikes are a popular form of transportation throughout the S.A.B.

The future is delicious.

Future Parfait is a world building exercise to imagine the best possible future for the planet  given the conditions of present day culture and based on these principles:

  1. Civilisation has the technological and cultural capacity to create a just, sustainable global culture where each individual has the opportunity to self realise and contribute to the greater good.
  2. The arc of civilisation shows that compassionate coexistence, rather than territorial competition, is the more potent evolutionary force for culture.

Future Parfait has 3 flavours.

Image of agri-arcology

Central Shield Special Administrative Biome: the eutopian city, the natural world in balance with the built matrix of our lives.

Flying car over utopian city.

Stories of the carefree protagonist and his friends who inhabit the ideal city.

Communal dreamtime of future species of human

The communal dreamtime of homo sapiens ananda. A playground for the healthy subconscious of a eutopian society.

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