Make Friends with Mystics Poster


Make Friends with Mystics poster
Detail of "Make Friends with Mystics" art by Marc Ngui.
Detail of "Make Friends with Mystics" art by Marc Ngui.
Detail of "Make Friends with Mystics" art by Marc Ngui.

Make Friends with Mystics Poster


“Make Friends with Mystics”

Pen and ink drawing and digital collage by Marc Ngui. The background uses a scan of holographic foil and the kite flier is wearing a mask based on artwork by Brian Jungen.

Part of the Meme Swarm Collection.

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This artwork is part of the Meme Swarm collection of posters that all feature fancy lettered text.

The title of the series is a combination of “meme” and “gene swarm” and the images explore the self-perpetuating and mutating nature of snippets of language.

The illustrations are all pen and ink drawings that were scanned and digitally colored and collaged, sometimes with underlays of famous paintings.

Posters are printed on archival, acid-free paper by Epson called Enhanced Matte Paper. It has a flat, matte surface and yields highly saturated color images while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail.

The paper is thick and durable and the poster has a high quality look and feel to it.

Printed in California, sweatshop free.

All poster artwork is carefully and professionally packaged to ensure it arrives to you in pristine condition. The posters are rolled in protective paper and shipped in a hard cardboard tube.

Upon arrival, place the poster on a flat, clean surface. Lay the protective paper it came with on top and weigh down gently to help it uncurl. The curl in the paper will naturally relax over a few days.

This custom made item is priced with the cost of shipping included.

That’s right, shipping is free!

Please allow 5 business days on top of shipping time for your item to be delivered.