Art about making and feeling bravery. Since 2016

"Courage is the most important of all virtues, because without it we can't practice any other virtue with consistency."

- Maya Angelou

Braveland is a series of projects about the useful and desirable character trait and psychological feat of making and having courage.

Lacrimarium in the marsh

Behind the Lacrimarium

Behind the lacrimarium Photography, poetry, sculpture, installation, video, and dance about the art and science of crying. Since 2020 Lacrimarium in the marsh. Some nights that frogs and insects are so loud nobody can hear you crying anyways. A quick composite sketch of a photograph of a landscape and a small crystal bowl. What if when we feel sad and need to cry, what if we just did it, no matter where or when we … >> read more

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Bon Courage

Cardboard Bravery Medals

Giant bravery medals made of cardboard, textiles, and emblazoned with the phrases “Forza” and “Bon Courage” are dedicated to the audience for all the many daily acts of courage.

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Bravery Medals for an Audience

At the May 2012 date of Trampoline Hall lectures in Toronto, each member of the audience received a medal of bravery for the act of courage of attending a live, possibly weird, cultural event. Each medal was unique, made of colorful textiles and hand cut ribbons, and doubled as the event ticket and program.

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An older lady looks at the sculpture she has just made.

Daily Bravery Onagawa exhibition and workshop, Japan

Bricolage sculptures were made with local children and seniors out of recycled food containers and put on exhibition in the community space of a container temporary housing project in a tsunami destroyed village in Japan.

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Silk flower sculpture

Yuuki Flower

Yuuki means brave, courageous energy. Yuuki Flower is a textile sculpture by Magda Wojtyra and Marc Ngui. It was created for the Field Trip Project, curated by Daisuke Takeya. Field Trip Project toured extensively in Japan and Canada between 2013 and 2016. This is the project page for our sculpture – visit the Field Trip Project exhibition page for a peek at some of the other several dozen artworks in the exhbition, installations views, and … >> read more

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