Domestic Continuity

Photography, sculpture, textile. Since 2013

Building the home as a machine for living.

Every Day I'm Pickling

Photography of the mesmerizing colorful bubbling alien landscapes that emerge during fermentation of vegetables as microbes rearrange atoms.

Not From Concentrate

Disposable plastic orange juice jugs are cut with the sensuous curves of enamelware jugs which they have replaced as ubiquitous.


Sheets yellowed with age are tie-dyed with indigo and sewn into geometric robes. The contrasting blue patterns mask the yellowing and a queen flat sheet is just the size for a luxuriously draped, floor length robe.

Exploring ritual, ceremony, devotional labour, beauty, agency through making, story telling, nurturing, and social labour.

New Soap

Glamour photography of slivers of old soap riding on top of brand new soap to evoke the triumph of having planned ahead.

Dinosaur Blood

Plastic orange juice containers cut to resemble prehistoric creature skulls. A closing of a circle, since plastic is made from dinosaur blood, as it were.

Woven Vegetables

Weaving strands of spiralized vegetables such as red beet, orange carrot, and green radish to evoke tartans that were assigned to my Polish city by its sister city in Scottland.

Mutation, continuity, recycling, reuse, thriftyness, resilience, sustainability, self-reliance, diversity, integrity, humility, gratitude, timeliness, longevity, generosity, patience,

"The point is, art never stopped a war and never got anybody a job. Art cannot change events. That was never its function. But it can change people. It can affect people so that they are changed… because people are changed by art – enriched, ennobled, encouraged – they then act in a way that may affect the course of events… the the way they vote, the way they behave, the way they think.”
– L. Bernstein

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