The D.W.W. (Detroit-Windsor-Waawiyaataanong) Urbiome, aka Dee Double Dub, is a vast ecologically integrated metropolis situated on the Detroit River in the Southern Great Lakes Eco-region.  It is a radically optimistic speculative  vision of a benevolent civic structure that has evolved to enable all of its inhabitants, human and otherwise, to thrive.

Dee Double Dub is described in a 12 page comic called Welcome to Dee Double Dub. This artwork  was created for  Future Present: Design in a Time of Urgency, an exhibition  presented by Science Gallery Detroit in the fall of 2020.

Page 03 of Welcome to Dee Double Dub Comic

Exhibitions and Presentations

Future Present: Design in a Time of Urgency.

Science Gallery, Detroit

Welcome to Dee Double Dub

Welcome to Dee Double Dub is presented as a large format 12 page graphic narrative in the beautiful exhibition space of the Detroit Design Center on Detroit's historic civic square Campus Martius as part of Science Gallery Detroit's exhibition Future Present: Design in a Time of Urgency.



This is event is a passionate reading of Welcome to Dee Double Dub  by the artist, Marc Ngui, and participation with the Marc in the panel discussion for Galvanized Suns, a 3 day online media program that features artworks that "re-imagine pasts, presents, and futures through narratives of diaspora outside of Western hegemony by artists, designers, performers and writers who contribute to Caribbean and Latin American diaspora culture in Canada."

Hosted online by Subtle Technologies -

Artist Reading:
Thursday, October 15th at 8:45pm EST

Artists' Panel Talk:
Saturday, October 17th at 8:00pm EST

Galvanized Suns is organized by the curatorial collective Diasporic Futurisms in partnership with Subtle Technologies.


In this workshop, hosted by Science Gallery Detroit, I will explain how I created Welcome to Dee Double Dub using a speculative design methodology called Future Parfait. Join us for a short presentation about Future Parfait, after which I'll guide participants through a series of visualization activities that will begin their own exploration into imagining and drawing out their own ideal worlds.

Hosted online by Science Gallery on 2 DATES:


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