Central Shield square logo and wordmark

Central Shield is a densely populated, self-regulating, ecologically integrated megacity on the north shore of Lake Superior, in Ontario, Canada. It stretches from Thunder Bay Ontario, across the north shore of  Lake Superior to Marathon. The name Central Shield comes from the Central Shield Forest eco-region in northern Ontario, the location of this project. Which has been selected for its geological stability and abundance of fresh water.

This Canadian ecopolis will offer citizenship to global climate refugees and willing participants in its experimental approach to urbanisation. It is planned to have a population of  30 million people by the year 2170.   It will be the first of  many of Special Administrative Biomes established globally as part of humanity's transition to an equitable culture that respects planetary boundaries.



This  eutopian city is one part of the larger Future Parfait project that also includes the Cosmazon dreamtime and Lodar stories.

Map of Metropolitan Area

Built environments interwoven within nature.

Self sufficient urbislets house a population of 30 million.
diagram of Future Parfait activities and cross section of structure
A Niche for Each Manner of Being, ink on paper with digital color, 2017. Central Shield activities and principles are illustrated around an architectural cross section style drawing showing the various layers of the city infrastructure integrated with the natural environment.

Looking out over the Sleeping Giant

Thunder Bay, 2017 --> 2217

Thunderbay 2217

6 Views of Central Shield

Civic Corps members conduct the operation of construction A.N.T.s (Autonomous Networked Things) as they repair a  carbon capture coil near Superior City.