Mandala Installations

Mandalas installed in the landscape and made of natural materials. Since 2016

FLower mandala in a bowl of water
Flowers float in a ceramic bowl of water, Tepoztlan, Mexico, 2016

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Calancho leaf and crystal bowl. 

Dead pothos leaves means winter is almost done in the indoor jungle.

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So often there is no formal beginning to an art project in my studio, and yet for this one - here it is.

Reabsorbed by the Universe Provides

An evolution of #theuniverseprovides over at @mandalamagda and also some #verdaciousarts @verdaciousarts, and as ever grounded in @happysleepyart, this project combines plants, recycled plastic, fine materials like silk and pearls, and words.

We/Us is a set of preferred pronouns tellingly not available on any platform, including Instagram, and I can't type it in. For me it is powerful and revelatory #neurolinguisticprogramming to speak about myself and others in purely the we and us pronouns. 

Ingredients become art supplies in a project designed for communing with nature in the darkest month of the year.

Cranberries were the only readily available dried fruits native to North America. These are sweetened.

The garden is full now of seedlings of native berries and nuts. In the meantime, this special sweet element of this year's offering will have yo suffice. 

Old terrors will be met with new rituals that respect ancient knowledge. Life is too precious and too short to make all our own mistakes and it is even more urgent to clear spells and not continue habits that are no more than entrenched superstitions, stories that do not help us live here and now luxuriously in balance with nature.