People sitting in front of the Crystal Kings Blazing installation

Two projects have recently been added to the website, though in each case the work has been ongoing for several years: Mandalas and Future Parfait

The art projects listed below are in most cases ongoing explorations of themes or materials. The art is then exhibited as installations which are unique and temporary works.

In the Studio blogs photos from the making process, documents works in progress, and peeks inside sketchbooks.

Art Project Areas

View the art itself and read stories of project inspiration and the making process.

Textile art toy made of large flower print blue fabric and polyester stuffing.

Soft Sculpture

Textile sculptures in the forms of abstract animals, geometric shapes, and pillows.

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Woman standing next to flying bike.

Future Parfait

Future Parfait is a 3 part exploration of a utopia: the collective dreamtime of the Cosmazon, the utopian city of Central Shield, and the Lodar stories.

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Embroidered Mandalas Project

Fine craft, digital photography tricks, words, and mesmerizing colors are combined in this project that explores the providence and balance of the universe.

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Silk flower sculpture


Bravery is a series of projects about the useful and desirable character trait and psychological feat of making and having courage.

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Red and silver soft art by Magda Wojtyra for Happy Sleepy

Happy Sleepies

Happy Sleepies are soft, abstract animal toys and are so named because held one way they look like they have smiling closed eyes, and when turned upside down their eyes look sealed with sleep.

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Blug and black geometric paper sculpture by Happy Sleepy aka Magda Wojtyra and Marc Ngui


Geoms are hand assembled and hand painted paper sculptures based on digital forms that are digitally designed, printed, and then cut, scored, folded, and glued.

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Silver, orange, and fuschia Polytopia cones


A sewn textile exploration of form inspired by geometry, evolution, and utopian states. The fabrics are mostly deadstock, mill end rolls, and the excess of various industries manufacturing luggage, cars, airplanes, and household goods.

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Geometric and colorful composition of Crystal King Lagoon

Crystal Kings

The Crystal Kings are a colorful and geometric allegory of willpower and creativity – the project includes paintings, animations, and room sized wall installations.

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Tandem Flight installation monstres flying above a green hill

Tandem Flight

Tandem Flight combines cartoon animation with video footage. The audience assume the role of the characters projected on the front by putting their faces into holes that are cut in the screen.

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