News from the Studio

Little Terror written on a leaf

Writing messages to the subconscious

3 May 2022

A little terror goes a long way. A plea to the subconscious, and a promise! I will listen, I promise. I will listen so that only a little terror goes a long way. Three steps of hesitation translates to three months of delay. When we get a message, we must listen, fully, clearly, and without delay we must respond. The houseplants have been shedding old leaves as the seasons change, giving another surface for art. … >> read more

Adspace Oasis

Adspace Oasis: imagining a truly public online space without advertising

2 May 2022

Adspace Oasis – art instead of advertising Imagine an Adspace Oasis in your fav online hangouts! Real public space where we and our  friends could be served art of our choice vs advertising. #adspaceoasis There is no truly public space online to hang, only malls, private livingrooms, lobbies of trading floors. Rather miserable. In times of the plague, I really missed walking through crowds, in a city or at a festival or beach and hearing … >> read more

Garden studio with green coffee burlap and cats

Working with green coffee bean burlap bags in the garden studio, with cats

25 April 2022

Cats having a snack on the project burlap, with the cat fort in the background. Cat assistants were in full snacking and supervision mode in a recent outdoor studio session in the garden. A sunny weekend of high temperatures saw us drag our projects out of the basement studios and onto the circle lawn. Such a strange experience, to have such a warmth and angle of light but with no leaves on trees! Marc works … >> read more

from instagram


Thanks for the birthday wishes! Here's me test-driving a new do for my second 1/2 century. #fiftyshmifty 🙏🤞🌈
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