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Welcome to Dee Double Dub title panel

Welcome to Dee Double Dub

12 October 2020

Two online workshops coming up for Dee Double Dub, one at the Science Gallery in Detroi and one at Subtle Technologies in Toronto. Catch both online!

Drawing A Thousand Plateaus,10,000 BC, paragraph 36

VR projection of 10,000 BC paragraph 36

2 April 2020
Happy Sleepy February Rain embroidered art toy

Happy Sleepy February Rain hand embroidered textile sculpture

27 February 2020

Happy Sleepy February Rain, wool and cashmere coating, cotton embroidery by hand, fusible interfacing, polyester stuffing, 2020 Happy Sleepy February Rain – the name of this little soft sculpture and the blue embroidery dashes on a grey cashmere background tell a story of the end of winter 2020 by the Detroit River. February accommodates well hunkering down to do some hand embroidery, both to pass the winter and to rescue the mind with creativity and … >> read more