First day in the ceramics studio of Alejandro Sanchez, Tepoztlan, Mexico

Wet clay bowls

Last week we started private classes in the ceramics studio of a local artist called Alejandro Sanchez. Alejandro’s family is from nearby Cuernavaca and has for generations produced ceramics, focusing primarily on the casting method. Alejandro himself expanded his craft over decades into every different type of ceramic, including with workshops in Japan and the

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The Books of Michael – Excerpt 1

There was boy in California, in the city of Los Angeles, who lay dying of cancer. The doctors predicted that he would die in the coming week.

Weakened by radiation and the grim news, the boy said to his father, “Before I die I would like to meet Michael Jackson.”

His father knew in his heart that being a man of limited means he would never be able to fulfill such a request. When he left the room he collapsed in tears.

In blind desperation the father telephoned Neverland and left this message: “My son is dying of terminal cancer and has only a week to live. His greatest wish is to be able to talk to Michael Jackson.”

The message was delivered, and the next day Michael telephoned the boy.

Upon hearing the Michael’s voice the boy’s mood was immediately lifted. Michael said to the boy “I know you are suffering but I want you to get better. I will call you next week to see how you are doing.”

The boy and his family were astounded at Michael’s concern.

The boy was determined to talk to Michael again and his energy and enthusiasm began to return.

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