Trees trimmed for firewood rather than cut outright, Nepal

All the lower branches on all the trees in these photos have been cut down for firewood and to feed cows and goats. Retaining the top part of the foliage preserves the tree which helps to prevent mud slides. Clearly not an ideal situation but better than clear cutting altogether.

Trees trimmed of lower branches on the mountainside, Nepal

These photos are from just north of Kathmandu Valley, on the drive from the lookout at Nakargot back to Kathmandu.

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Goats in Calcutta, India

There are a lot of goats in Calcutta. You see them picking their way in around traffic, eating garbage and paper, and even being herded through the narrow back streets. Imagine coming up on a herd of 50 goats in the streets of YOUR city! In the surrounding restaurants, the goat meat is listed as mutton.

Hairy goat in Calcutta, India
Chained to a post, resting on the sidewalk, a hairy goat that Marc says was "much creepier" in person.

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Thin crust pizza with arugula, Auroville, India

The Italians came and built a wood burning stove. The mozzarella is locally made, the olives are imported. I don’t know who originally brought the arugula seeds. Most of the ingredients are organic. The pizza cost CAN$3 and was pretty good (ie. excellent by most people’s standards which are not as stratospheric as mine). This message is a test of Posted via email from Magda’s posterous

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