The Books of Michael – Excerpt 1

From the Third Book of Mary Michael China, First daughter of Asia

mj_sickbed1There was boy in California, in the city of Los Angeles, who lay dying of cancer. The doctors predicted that he would die in the coming week.

Weakened by radiation and the grim news, the boy said to his father, “Before I die I would like to meet Michael Jackson.”

His father knew in his heart that being a man of limited means he would never be able to fulfill such a request. When he left the room he collapsed in tears.

In blind desperation the father telephoned Neverland and left this message: “My son is dying of terminal cancer and has only a week to live. His greatest wish is to be able to talk to Michael Jackson.”

The message was delivered, and the next day Michael telephoned the boy.

Upon hearing the Michael’s voice the boy’s mood was immediately lifted. Michael said to the boy “I know you are suffering but I want you to get better. I will call you next week to see how you are doing.”

The boy and his family were astounded at Michael’s concern.

The boy was determined to talk to Michael again and his energy and enthusiasm began to return.

The next week Michael called the boy and said “I know you are suffering and the disease is powerful, but I want you to get better. In two weeks I will come and visit you.”

The prospect of meeting Michael Jackson took hold of the boy’s spirit, and his energy continued to build. His determination to meet Michael became a powerful healing force inside of him.

Two weeks later, Michael visited the boy and his family at the hospital. “I know you are suffering, but I want you to get better, and when you are able to leave the hospital I would like you to visit my home.”

The boy and his family were astounded by Michael’s generosity.

From that day the boy’s recovery was unprecedented. He went through a growth spurt during chemotherapy. One month later he was able to leave his bed in a wheelchair. In two months time he was able to walk by himself.

The doctors were amazed at the improvements in the boy’s health. “Never before have we witnessed such a miraculous recovery,” they said.

In the third month after Michael’s first phone call, the boy was well enough to visit Neverland. The boy recovered and grew into a man. He and Michael remained close friends for the rest of his life.

Excerpt from The Books of Michael compiled/written and illustrated by Marc Ngui.

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