The Books of Michael – Excerpt 2

From the Eighth Book of Elizabeth Michael America, Second daughter of North America

It was in his 21st year that Michael began his first racial transmigration. By this time he was one of the most famous people in the world. Everyone knew his face. The public eye was inscrutable, unwavering and unforgiving.

Michael Jackson in half burkaMichael was born to parents of African American descent. However as he aged through his twenties his features began to change. His cheekbones rose, and nose diminished, his hair straightened, and he began to lose color in his skin.

Michael was afraid. He knew the public would not understand this transformation. He knew how cruel their ignorance could be. At first he tried to explain it with science. He came up with a story that the public could relate to: plastic surgery. He only intended to suggest that he had a minor nose job but soon the rumors began to inflate and distort and careen out of control.

It was a difficult time for Michael. He consoled himself with the knowledge that the rumors were much easier to deal with than trying to explain the truth. There were powerful forces at work inside his body. Forces that neither he nor the doctors could explain. He did not want to frighten the people.

The first transformation was complete by his 40th year. While he had spent his childhood and youth as an African, he would spend the next 40 years as a Caucasian man.

Michael began his second racial transmigration in this 83rd year. He developed pronounced epicanthic folds over his eyes, his cheekbones rose ever further and some of the color returned to his skin. His Asian transmigration was complete by his 104th birthday.

Michael had now outlived many of those who had questioned his previous transformations. The children of these people were considerably more sympathetic to his remarkable condition.

Excerpt from The Books of Michael compiled/written and illustrated by Marc Ngui.

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