Crocodile Tears earrings up in Ladilola shop on Etsy

Some earrings are finally up in the Ladilola shop on Etsy. I’ve been trying out various backgrounds and styles of photography, experimenting with what works as a process for me and also how the photos then look in the shop and within Etsy search results.

Ladilola earrings in black patent leather in a geometric, pointy shape.

Ladilola earrings in grape purple
Ladilola earrings in grape purple patent leather stamped with an alligator pattern cut to a geometric, teardrop shape.

Right now the shop looks a bit hodgepodge as a result of this experimenting. Soon a style will emerge and the shop will fill up.

Towards the end of my year in France (2008), my friend Nada who makes goregeous leather bags in Paris took me to a small warehouse in the Paris suburbs. In a corner I found a box of post-industry scraps of genuine crocodile leather and patent leather stamped with a croc pattern. I was on my way from France to India, and the leather travelled around with me for four months (yes, I know, crazy) until I was finally inspired in the cooler weather of Nepal to start designing and cutting. And that is how the eco luxury Crocodile Tears Earrings collection came to be.

Here are some of the items now in the shop:

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