Large format printers birthing Crystal King billboards

Colorful print by Happy Sleepy in a very large scale printer
Crystal King Lagoon in the printer – that’s an 11 foot image on a 16 foot total width vinyl canvas

What a thrill to get these photos from our awesome printer, 905 Printing, of the Crystal King banners still in the giant printer!

These are for the Crystal Kings Blazing competition winning entry for the Artist Project 2016 Front Entrance Installation.

Colorful geometric print being printed and rolled by a large format banner printer.
Crystal King Destiny in the jaws of the large format printer – it’s 11 feet wide and 50 feet long! So this is just a small portion.

Our prints are 11 feet wide and 35 to 50 feet long. The printer can do banners up to 16 feet! Hm, a detail to remember, brain gears spinning…!

Crysral King Destiny print on vinyl banner
Crystal King Destiny laid out for trimming. It’s 11 feet wide and 50 feet long!
Crystal King Destiny banner laid out for trimming 50 feet long!
Another, majestic view of the Crystal King Destiny.

A big thank-you to our printer, Alexander Strugach from 905 Printing, for wrangling this project and going above and beyond to provide us with these photos. Highly recommended printer for large size vinyl banners and an overall highly professional experience.

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