Crystal Kings new paintings digital sketches

Crystal King Chocolate Milk painting digital sketch by Happy Sleepy
Crystal King Chocolate Milk

Here are work-in-progress images from the making of a new set of Crystal Kings paintings for Nuit Blanche 2018.

This series of art objects is a combination inkjet print on canvas, 24K gold foil, and acrylic gouache on some of the colors and for all of the velvety black.

The final paintings are 18 inches wide by 22 inches tall and 3 inches deep. These images highlight the front face of the digital file and show the wrap around graphics in the faded out margins. Areas that will receive gold foil are highlighted with graphics.

The images on this page show the series of paintings at various stages - some are just digital sketches while others are print ready files. The black lines are added here digitally to proof the composition but are not printed.

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