Cuexcomate, the world’s smallest volcano, Puebla, Mexico

Cuexcomate volcano inside
Cuexcomate volcano from the outside

The outside of the world’s smallest volcano.

In a day of contrasts, we visited the world’s smallest volcano and the world’s largest pyramid all in one day.

The tiny Cuexcomate volcano is in Cholula, a small town outside of Puebla city. It is primarily a geyser offshoot in the ridge that holds the much larger Popacateketl Volcano that dominates the Puebla horizon. The whole region is full of volcanoes.

Stairs for climing inside Wall of Cuexcomate volcano

Inside the mouth of the volcano, a convenient staircase for climbing inside.

Cuexcomate volcano inside

The volcano mouth showing volcanic layers and much erosion.

Wall of Cuexcomate volcano inside

Closeup view of the wall inside the mouth of the volcano.

Viewing platform Cuexcomate volcano inside

At the bottom, a viewing platform has been built above the water level.

Cuexcomate volcano inside

In the dry season, as it is in November when we visited, the water is circulated by a pump. Goldfish and koi have been added to the water, too.

Stairs for climing inside Wall of Cuexcomate volcano

Climbing out of the baby volcano is just as easy as climbing in.

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