Embroidery and beading test on blue silk

Embroidery test on a mandala
Embroidery test

Detail of the embroidery test. The little olive beads are yellow jade, with some glass bugles on the far left.

This chaotically embroidered mandala is the first test of embroidery with the help of a circular paper grid. The addition of beads was also tested.

This is an experiment in the larger mandala project.

Embroidery test on a mandala

Overall view of the embroidery test, including some pearls on the lower left.

Embroidery test on blue silk

Detail of the embroidery test. The black beads are onyx, an the green beads are glass.

Mandala work in progress

Detail of the grid that was sewn to the fabric, with some glass beads positioned with pins.

Paper grid on an embroidered mandala

The experiment mandala with portions of the grid cut out and the start of embroidery.


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