Baby Eye for Day 3 of the Fine&Dandy Advent Show 2012

Small abstract, geometric painting on a black background.
Baby Eye, 10″x10″, acrylic gouache on panel, 2012.

New little painting unveiled today at the Fine&Dandy window gallery for their Advent Show – 25 artists for 25 days.

December 3:  Baby Eye by Marc Ngui, 10″x10″, acrylic gouache on panel.

Magda will have a piece unveiled on December 16.

About the Advent Show

From December 1 – 25, Fine & Dandy Gallery at 2017 Dundas Street West Toronto will reveal works by 25 artists, one day at a time.

The Advent Show is loosely themed as a seasonal show, with surprise works by each artist. The only stipulation for entry is that the finished piece measures 10” x10”. Each piece will be revealed one at a time every day of December from the first until the twenty-fifth.

Curated by Kate Metaxas

Participating artists

Listed in order of the date in December of unveiling for each piece:

1 Elaine MacNeill
2 Rosalie Thompson
3 Marc Ngui
4 Yvonne J. Boothroyd
5 Zoe J
6 Meredith Wilson
7 Glenn Cameron
8 Lucy Bock
9 Kate Metaxas
10 David Anderson & Oliver Girling
11 Dyan Marie
12 Lisa Merchant
13 Natalie Waddell
14 Hope Thompson
15 Orest Tataryn
16 Magda Wojtyra
17 Anna Gruda
18 Deb Malcolm
19 James Ridyard
20 Margot Jenner
21 Tony Bock
22 George Tobias
23 Sheila Dietrich
24 Peggy Axton
25 Fine & Dandy

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