2 thoughts on “Geom 1 paper sculpture”

  1. I want to know how you made the shapes so precicely Marc! The artwork is amazing. Did you have to do a lot of work finding inks that would adhere to the fabric, or did you make the geoms from another source, i.e. paper, and colour them to fit with the fabrics in ‘The Reef’?

  2. The geoms are made from various thickness paper and painted with acrylic gouache. They seem to match the fabrics because there is such a riot of colours! They are close but not identical.

    Acrylic gouache has an incredible matte texture, deep colour, and lightfast properties.

    Marc initially hand-drafted the first few Geoms, painted the patterns, then cut and glued them. The later ones were drafted digitally and printed directly on the card, cut-folded-and-glued, and painted as an object.

    Glad you enjoy!

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