Happy Sleepy Suavey in tangerine velvet and chocolate brown leather

The latest addition to the shop is Happy Sleepy Suavey, made from
orange cotton velvet with brown suede “sunglasses” applique. When turned upside down, the sunglasses look like a mustache.

The sunglasses/mustache were partly conceived to remedy a horribly botched embroidery job. It took me a long time to get better at embroidering, it was very frustrating, and this toy is from an earlier batch when I was still learning. I embroider the eyes at the very end of the making process, after the creature is all sewn and stuffed and closed, and the velvet is unforgiving. There’s no ripping out and redoing the eye embroidery because the velvet texture gets destroyed, so redesign was involved. Brown suede applique to the rescue, and another OOAK is born.

See Happy Sleepy Suavey in the Happy Sleepy Art and Toys Shop.

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