Igor Stagljar Lab website update

The Stagljar Lab website recently got updated. Marc drew some new illustrations, a few new pages were added, nicer photo page layouts for bigger photos, bigger and better navigation, larger text fonts and a wider, bigger layout (monitors are getting larger!)

Header of the homepage of Igor Stagljar Lab at the Donnelly Centre, University of Toronto. Featuring the oh-so-endearing glowing crystals animated gif. India ink illustration by Marc Ngui, digital colouring and development by Magda Wojtyra.

Primarily, the home page Igor now has jet flames shooting out of his boots and an even swishier lab coat than the last one. The speed lines are a nice touch. Don’t miss the nano technology flying spaceship under the cell membrane illustration on the Links page.

This website was originally developed by us in 2005. Igor was impressed with the floating amoeba website that Marc and I had developed for one of his colleage’s, the Grant Brown Laboratory website, also at the Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research at the University of Toronto.

The original idea for the Staglar Lab was inspired by Igor’s impressive height – an even two meters tall – and his exuberantly good natured character. Like, if Krypton never did blow up and a Superman’s uncle continues, working away in his lab, probing genetics for the cures to the last problems that stand between society and the shining utopia it imagines for itself. Doesn’t that sound nice? And Igor, being the coolest client of all time not only said yes to the concept but three years later came back for more. Oh, yeah.

Dr. Igor Stagljar cartoon drawing

Dr. Igor Stagljar, 2010 version.

Coolest client EVER.

Ink and watercolour illustration by Marc Ngui and digital collage by Magda Wojtyra using the clients project images.

Dr. Igor Stagljar cartoon drawing

Cell membrane with nano technology spaceship addition. “G-Protein Coupled Receptor-interactome characterized by previous interactive proteomics approaches” says the caption to the original illustration on the lab’s research page.

Ink and watercolour illustration by Marc Ngui.

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