Ladilola jewelry logo for print

Ladilola is the name of my jewelry work.

Ladilola logo
Ladilola jewelry logo

This is a new logo for Ladilola casual printing needs, to match the silver foil stickers I had made while still in France in 2008.

I first made some earrings five years ago out of scrap leather and beads because I didn’t like anything in the shops, and I gave a bunch of pairs away as presents. They were a hit! My girlfriends from Paris to Hawaii reported being stopped by strangers in the street to compliment their earrings. How great is that, that a bit of colour arranged just so can do that!

This was just before embarking on four years of travel, so the progress on the Ladilola project has been on the slow side. Working with my hands with colour and texture has a constant attraction, and because the parts are small I was able to continue designing and making earrings from a small kit while travelling. More recently, the earrings also sold well in a Paris boutique where they were left on consignement.

The dream to do this full time grows and incubates, and so several years later I now do finally have a name, a logo I designed with a custom font, a colour palette, a shop set up on Etsy, a splash page at my own domain name of (still waiting for further development, ha ha), and lots and lots of designs made and more ideas just bursting to get out.

The next area of focus will be to print up some business cards and catalogues and get the earrings and necklaces into some real shops as well.

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