New drawing collection preview for Monsters and Heroes

Here is a preview of five images from a new collection of Marc’s drawings that we are just about done putting together for publication.  The collection is called Monsters and Heroes and the drawings were chosen from Marc’s plethora of sketchbooks and notebooks from the last several years.

I’ll know we’ll have done it right if the final thing feels like a combination of instructive tale about the tricky nature of  face value,  colouring book, and high contrast, eyeball giddying stare-a-thron.

Monster drawing 2
Hero or monster? Hint: drool earrings.

Monster drawing 1
Monster or hero? Hint: runs very fast.
Monster drawing 3
So pretty in his youth.
Monster drawing 5
What ARE those textures? Jack Kirby memed well.
Monster drawing 3
This is what happens to your face when you think too hard and too long in the brilliant Nepal moonlight.

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