Nasty Woman Valentines email graphics or print and fold

Nasty Woman of the Year Trophy
Nasty Woman of the Year Trophy 2

Do you know a nasty woman who deserves a trophy? How about a Kali spirit on a war path in the name of love?

Be Mine Kali
Kali Be Mine

After Kali vanquished many foes in her rightous anger, she continued on a rampage so ferocious that Shiva was worried the whole world might be destroyed. So he lay in Kali’s path and when Kali saw that she was trampling her own lover she reigned in her rage.

We love this story about the power and balance of feminine and masculine forces in all our psyches. Sometimes our run away passions need to rescue us from the enemies of creativity and compassion, and all the intellect can do is lie at the feet of such emotional power. And the emotions, too, become humbled by the sacrifices of the intellect. And in such a way balance is restored in the psyche.

To celebrate the fighting and compassionate feminine spirit in everyone, for Valentines we are releasing some graphics. Download and email an image or print it out on standard size letter paper, fold, sign, and give to your special nasty woman.

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I Love You Nasty Woman Valentine
I Love You Nasty Woman

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