News from the Studio

Sculpture of an eye on a sparkly tear pedestal

Using Dall-E in the process of developing the walking crying eye sculptures

2 November 2022

“Sculpture of an eye on a sparkly tear pedestal” DALL·E 2022-11-01 14.21.09 A recent meditation on grief and perseverance produced ideas of “an eye standing on a pedestal of or walking on legs made of its own tears”. The language snippets were put into Dall-E and here are some of the results “Textile sculpture crying eye embroidered iris glass tear support” was the text and the AI is having some difficulty here with the concept … >> read more

American chestnut Castanea dentata as a prince in a throne

North American native hazelnuts, acorns, chestnuts, and plums photographed in the garden studio

30 September 2022

Native American plums and nuts arranged as a mandala for curing in the garden shed that doubles as the photography studio, when such beauty is present. This mandala features nuts and fruit all native to north eastern North America and is possible through the work and generosity of PJ Chmiel who for the last decade has been restoring the soil and planting a native food forest near Kalamazoo, Michigan. A visit earlier in the week … >> read more

Little Terror written on a leaf

Writing messages to the subconscious

3 May 2022

A little terror goes a long way. A plea to the subconscious, and a promise! I will listen, I promise. I will listen so that only a little terror goes a long way. Three steps of hesitation translates to three months of delay. When we get a message, we must listen, fully, clearly, and without delay we must respond. The houseplants have been shedding old leaves as the seasons change, giving another surface for art. … >> read more

from instagram

This native to North America begonias grows in shadowy and dry conditions and even producer potato-like tuber and is called a famine plant. 


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