News and Inspiration

Yellow pink and blue beads landscape on linen

Pastel beads and white linen landscape

1 July 2017

This pretty, surreal landscape emerged when beads that were collected in a color palette for an embroidery project spilled out onto white linen that was stretched in another embroidery hoop. The hoop was under a strong studio light and the little beads cast dramatic shadows, creating an open landscape. The beads are collected from all over the world and include yellow glass, yellow jade, green jade, pale blue chalcedony, rose quartz, turquoise cylinders, and seedbeads … >> read more

Cereus cactus flower and fruit in Mexico

29 April 2017

Meet a cereus cactus species with fruit straight out of a Jim Woodring cartoon and very large white flowers that bloom for just one night.

An evening peek into the art studio, Tepoztlan, Mexico

20 March 2017

An art studio work table is covered in beads and materials for the mandala project.

Be Mine Kali

Nasty Woman Valentines email graphics or print and fold

13 February 2017

Do you know a nasty woman who deserves a trophy? How about a Kali spirit on a war path in the name of love? Free print and fold Valentines.

Bright green in a Mexican courtyard

31 December 2016
Thousand Plateaus illustration

“What Does It Mean to Love Somebody?” poster in the shop

12 December 2016

By popular demand, the image “What does it mean to love someone?” is now available as a print in our shop in an open edition. Choose a small or medium size archival print and have it delivered to your door. Standard shipping is included in the price. This drawing is part of Marc’s ongoing project to visualize A Thousand Plateas, a book of French philosophy by Giles Deleuze and Felix Gauttari.

Young woman standing next to air bike, preparing to leave for work.

Heading to work in Future Parfait

7 December 2016

Fur suit, fur helmet, and air bike ready on the terrace of a cliff residence. An early sketch from Marc  in the Lodar storyline.

Sun Queens: Ukrainian flower crowns

2 December 2016

According to Ukranian tradition, these headdresses were worn by young, unmarried women to show their “purity” and marital eligibility. These crowns were woven specifically for the photo shoot by Treti Pivni, to celebrate the tradition and foster social unity. The flower and plant arrangements are mesmerizing and bountiful, and oh so optimistic. This way of expressing the bounty of the universe is what inspires the mandala project. See more crowns over at Slavorum or check … >> read more

Yellow embroidered mandala

Embroidered mandalas from kaleidoscope photography of snippets of stiches

1 December 2016

In the studio last week we photographed an embroidered mandala with a kaleidoscope filter for a completely new arrangement of stitches.

Thread, pearls, and yellow beads mandala

Blue-green mandala photography: embroidery thread, pearls, and beads

28 November 2016

These photos  are studies for the mandala project.