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Crystal King Chocolate Milk painting digital sketch by Happy Sleepy

Crystal Kings new paintings digital sketches

30 August 2018

Crystal King Chocolate Milk Here are work-in-progress images from the making of a new set of Crystal Kings paintings for Nuit Blanche 2018. This series of art objects is a combination inkjet print on canvas, 24K gold foil, and acrylic gouache on some of the colors and for all of the velvety black. The final paintings are 18 inches wide by 22 inches tall and 3 inches deep. These images highlight the front face of … >> read more

Lovely geometric designs from new Crystal Kings art glitches

23 May 2018

This set of images was generated from an accidental arrangement of shapes in the process of making new Crystal Kings digital images. The goal was to line up a few pixels, but instead all the shapes in the whole image collapsed onto each other. A tweak of the opacity and a few quick deletes to tweak the composition was all that was necessary. After that – zooming and panning and looking for treasures in the … >> read more

Yellow forsythia kaleidoscope photography mandalas

20 April 2018

Waiting for spring with some forsythia branches blooming on the kitchen table, cuttings brought indoors last week to force the blooms.