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A Voice for the Dead.

20 February 2018
Pen and ink illustration with digital color, Jewel of the Boreal by Marc Ngui

“Jewel of the Boreal”, an illustration of a sunset view over one of the bays of the futuristic city of Central Shield

8 January 2018

When we invent the future, the most important thing is to capture is the feeling so that we can make a connection to that time space and then climb up and forward just like a mountain climber who uses safety ropes on a sheer cliff wall. So what is it like to live in the future, in Central Shield? The animated gif cartoon above was created by taking vignettes from one of Marc’s latest panoramic … >> read more

Spiny cactus mandala

Mandala from cactus photographed with a kaleidoscope filter

2 August 2017

One of my favorite things to photograph with the kaleidoscope filter are cactus because the spines arrange themselves nicely into elaborate mandalas.