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Thin crust pizza with arugula, Auroville, India

11 March 2009

The Italians came and built a wood burning stove. The mozzarella is locally made, the olives are imported. I don’t know who originally brought the arugula seeds. Most of the ingredients are organic. The pizza cost CAN$3 and was pretty good (ie. excellent by most people’s standards which are not as stratospheric as mine). This message is a test of Posted via email from Magda’s posterous

Village butcher wears a lungi

7 March 2009

A lungi is sort of a dohti, which is the men’s version of the sari and widely worn in the south of India. A cotton fabric of table cloth thickness is wrapped around the waist and reaches the ground, except then it’s picked up from the bottom and double up, bottom wrapped around the waist again to make a thigh to knee length skirty thing.

Some guys wear underwear, or even shorts, but maybe that’s cheating?

Happy Sleepy Tumble and Surf

18 February 2009

Happy Sleepy tumble and surf Building pillows drift Travel in style Dare to smile and smile Opening feelings shift Buying hides Riding the tides Eyeing the Eye of Sauron Wishing tales Jumping scales Stroking the pet of a life on earth Playing with strings and vibrating things Happy Sleepy tumble and surf

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This native to North America begonias grows in shadowy and dry conditions and even producer potato-like tuber and is called a famine plant. 


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