News from the Studio

Red is the earth

17 February 2009

The natural colours in south India were just fantastic. This red earth in Auroville was used directly to stucco walls, resulting in buildings that perfectly matched their surroundings.

Marc interview on Come Up To My Room

14 February 2009

Jeremy Vandermeijinterviewed Marc as the first installment in the Origin Interviews on the Come Up to My Room blog. The Origin Interviews are an extension of the 2009 panel discussion The Origin of the Designer. As generous as Marc’s creative output in the world is, he can be reclusive as to his direct thoughts and opinions even on topics that are of great importance to him. So it is a treat to read gems like … >> read more

Tasty snacks in Kanyakumari

9 February 2009

The tastiest snacks sometimes come from the most questionable food joints. In Kanyakumari Marc and I ate dinner in a place that didn’t even have running water.

from instagram

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