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South tip of the Indian world

9 February 2009

Kanyakumari in the province of Tamil Nadu is the southmost tip of India and the meeting point of the three bodies of water that surround the subcontinent – the Arabian Sea to the west, the Indian Ocean to the south, and the Bay of Bengal to the east. This important location is home to a variety of attractions that are irresistible to masses of tourists and pilgrims.

Timmy’s break south Indian style: frothy chai and coconut fritter

8 February 2009

Frothy chai and coconut fritter served on a piece of newspaper at a stand up counter in the street near the temple in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu province, India. February 2009.

The Grand Elixir meets Totem Pill

1 February 2009

Totem Pill is a flash animation created for an art show called Sequential Desire. Martin Perna aka Ocote Soul Sounds came for to visit in November 2008 while I was living in rural France, and that’s when the idea to put Totem Pill and the Grand Elixir together was born.

from instagram

This native to North America begonias grows in shadowy and dry conditions and even producer potato-like tuber and is called a famine plant. 


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