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Yellow embroidered mandala

Embroidered mandalas from kaleidoscope photography of snippets of stiches

1 December 2016

In the studio last week we photographed an embroidered mandala with a kaleidoscope filter for a completely new arrangement of stitches.

Thread, pearls, and yellow beads mandala

Blue-green mandala photography: embroidery thread, pearls, and beads

28 November 2016

These photos ¬†are studies for the mandala project.  

Beaded and embroidered mandalas inspired by a kaleidoscope photo of a hairbrush

27 November 2016

The mandalas were inspired by a kaleidoscopic filter on a cellphone camera app that turns any view into a radiating, swirling pattern. The very first mandala, photo above, was a photograph of a hairbrush. The brush had black tines tipped with pink plastic, on a pad of charcoal grey rubber. The resulting photo looked like the black tines could be embroidery stitches and the little pink tips could be seedbeads, all embroidered on a dark … >> read more