Paintings for William Blake’s Four Zoas

Painting of an arm and nose with river coming out of the nostrils.
“My nostrils drink the lives of men” Illustration to The Four Zoas by William Blake

Blakean Passages are a series of drawings illustrating text from Willam Blake’s unfinished epic poem  The Four Zoas .

You can find the entire text online.

FZ1-12.20; E307|       One must be master. try thy Arts I also will try mine
FZ1-12.21; E307|        For I percieve Thou hast Abundance which I claim as mine

FZ2-30.4;   E319|        In cruel delight they trap the listeners, & in cruel delight
FZ2-30.5;   E319|        Bind them, condensing the strong energies into little compass   t581
FZ2-30.6;   E319|        Some became seed of every plant that shall be planted; some
FZ2-30.7;   E319|        The bulbous roots, thrown up together into barns & garners

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