Gluten free schnitzel breaded with coconut

Dinner with fried pork cutlet breaded with coconut and served with fresh vegetables
Fried pork schnitzel “breaded” with coconut, suitable for paleo, gluten-free, or carb free ways of eating.

A miracle! A gluten free, wheat free, carb free, yeast free, starch free schnitzel!

In your favourite schnitzel or breaded item recipe, simply substitute unsweetened, dried,  ground coconut for the breadcrumbs. It works! Fries to a golden crunch, full of flavour and fiber to boot!

To work with the distinctive coconut flavour, I added a teaspoon each of curry powder and ground coriander to the beaten egg, and a healthy pinch of freshly ground black pepper.  These photos show a pork chop, but this would also work with chicken, fish, or beef balls, or for “breading” vegetables like eggplant or zucchini, and of course with fish cakes and the like. I’ve been making fish cakes with cauliflower instead of potatos, and I can’t wait to try this to give the little cakes a crunchy coating.

If you’ve been staying away from breaded fried goodness because of the gluten, carbohydrates, starch, wheat, or even yeast content in the bread crumbs, now you can now try this.

Breaded meat frying in bubbly oil
Paleo schnitzel frying in coconut oil.

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