Village butcher wears a lungi

Customers wearing lungi in front of the village butcher in the early morning light, Auroville, India.

A lungi is sort of a dohti, which is the men’s version of the sari and widely worn in the south of India. A cotton fabric of table cloth thickness is wrapped around the waist and reaches the ground, except then it’s picked up from the bottom and doubled up, bottom wrapped around the waist again to make a thigh to knee length skirty thing.

Some guys wear underwear, or even shorts, but maybe that’s cheating?

Anyway, when a good breeze picks up or a leap up the train platform is required or a restless nap… Well, then the lungi shifts up up and the lingam and accompanying tackle might be all on view. Actually, though, that happens surprisingly seldom, considering how many lungi, breezes, naps and jumps off and onto platforms there are.