Writing messages to the subconscious

Little Terror written on a leaf
A little terror goes a long way. A plea to the subconscious, and a promise! I will listen, I promise. I will listen so that only a little terror goes a long way. Three steps of hesitation translates to three months of delay. When we get a message, we must listen, fully, clearly, and without delay we must respond.

The houseplants have been shedding old leaves as the seasons change, giving another surface for art. These are golden pothos leaves, epiprenum aureum. Some have fluffy white mealy bugs on them.

These are part of The Universe Provides project that uses on Instagram the hashtag #reabsorbedbytheuniverseprovides

Feel Do written on a leaf
Feel and do, feel and do. Sometimes the messages are from the subconscious, sometimes to the subconscious. I've been feeling a lot, so much it's hard to do anything sometimes. So maybe I can take turns - feel some, do some, feel some, do some.

All relating that happens between a person and other people, between a person and their surroundsings, is always first modelled on the interior. The way different parts of us relate to each other, that is the way we relate to the outside world. For example, the voice of our primary care givers in early childhood becomes the voice on the inside later, with the same tone and patterns of reaction as was shown to us when we were absorbing the programming when young.

Unless we make a conscious effort to reprogram as needed, we are stuck with this programming. It really is wet-ware running software, and it really can be changed, hacked if need be!

Skutek Smutek writtein on a leaf with a marke
Skutek Smutek - these are Polish words that translate to Consequence Sadness. I am using these words to remember that if I ignore the yearnings of the subconscious too much, the result is sadness. Cause and effect. When we start seeing the patterns of life, of society, of ourselves, after that we ignore those patterns while simultaneously taunting fate to reign us in. The "skutek" will be "smutek".

It is the ultimate test of the golden rule - treat ourselves on the inside the way we would want our loved ones to be treated on the outside, by us or other people or in turn their own interiors. We must be kind to ourselves, respectful in the sense of affectionate attention, and we must be responsive to our needs, with kindness and genorosity. When we hear a song or an idea about relating, let's imagine - could this be a conversation between ourselves and our interior?

It is very powerful to sing a love song in front of a mirror, for example, and imagine you are singing it to your subconscious, to the forces the propel you or in turn hold you back.

How can we address the subconscious? How can we speak to it directly? With dreams and art and wistfulness, catching glances out of the corner of our eye, just barely, of the evidence of our true nature and purpose for that moment.

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