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I’ve spent six weeks in Auroville, India, an honest to goodness attempt at a utopian community, a “town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity.”

Supramental descent
Supramental descent. Drawing by Marc Ngui.

Auroville’s ideals are based on the consciousness evolution ideas of Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950). Aurobindo’s life work is a compelling synthesis of the modern ideas of evolution with Vedantic models of spirituality and existence.

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RepRap to the Sea

Here is a pataphysical approach to the  Great Pacific Garbage Patch. SROPSU is a self replicating sea borne plastic dissembly/replication unit.  The abundant scrap plastic floating in the world’s oceans is taken into its maw with a conveyor belt.  The plastic is molecularly recombined to self replicate RepRap in the fabricator end of the unit.  When there are enough RepRaps to tackle the patch, they switch production modes and start creating useful things like furniture, … >> read more

Thin crust pizza with arugula, Auroville, India

The Italians came and built a wood burning stove. The mozzarella is locally made, the olives are imported. I don’t know who originally brought the arugula seeds. Most of the ingredients are organic. The pizza cost CAN$3 and was pretty good (ie. excellent by most people’s standards which are not as stratospheric as mine). This message is a test of Posted via email from Magda’s posterous

Village butcher wears a lungi

Customers wearing lungi in front of the village butcher in the early morning light, Auroville, India.

A lungi is sort of a dohti, which is the men’s version of the sari and widely worn in the south of India.

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Happy Sleepy Tumble and Surf

Happy Sleepy tumble and surf Building pillows drift Travel in style Dare to smile and smile Opening feelings shift Buying hides Riding the tides Eyeing the Eye of Sauron Wishing tales Jumping scales Stroking the pet of a life on earth Playing with strings and vibrating things Happy Sleepy tumble and surf

Red is the earth

The natural colours in south India were just fantastic. This red earth in Auroville was used directly to stucco walls, resulting in buildings that perfectly matched their surroundings.

Red earth road under construction.
Red earth road under construction. Auroville, India.

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Marc interview on Come Up To My Room

Marc with gelato, Rome, September 2008. Click the photo to see more pictures of Marc in the world.
Marc with gelato, Rome, September 2008. Click the photo to see more pictures of Marc in the world.

Jeremy Vandermeijinterviewed Marc as the first installment in the Origin Interviews on the Come Up to My Room blog. The Origin Interviews are an extension of the 2009 panel discussion The Origin of the Designer.

As generous as Marc’s creative output in the world is, he can be reclusive as to his direct thoughts and opinions even on topics that are of great importance to him. So it is a treat to read gems like this:

Jeremy: What do you yearn for?

Marc: An anti-gravity belt and ecocities.

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Tasty snacks in Kanyakumari

Thali, or set meal. It is usually all you can eat, usually eaten by hand, and usually spicy. What made this one special is the addition of extra cups of ingredients.
South Indian thali, or set meal. It is usually all you can eat, usually eaten by hand, and usually spicy. This meal at a local, non Lonely Planet restaurant cost 55 rupees. About US$1, and included everything except the rectangular dish of cucumber raita on the upper right.

The tastiest snacks sometimes come from the most questionable food joints. In Kanyakumari Marc and I ate dinner in a place that didn’t even have running water.

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