Abstract Animal, Organic Stratum poster


Selected from Marc Ngui’s Drawing a Thousand Plateaus project, this is a drawing illustrating Paragraph 11 in the second chapter, 10,000BC: The Geology of Morals of the book A Thousand Plateaus. Written by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari originally in French, Marc is reading the English version and translating it into drawings. Learn more.

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From Paragraph 11, 10,000BC: The Geology of Morals
A Thousand Plateaus, by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari:

Thus there is no vital matter specific to the organic stratum, matter is the same on all the strata. But the organic stratum does have a specific unity of composition, a single abstract Animal, a single machine embedded in the stratum, and presents everywhere the same molecular materials, the same elements or anatomical components of organs, the same formal connections. Organic forms are nevertheless different from one another, as are organs, compound substances, and molecules. It is of little or no importance that Geoffroy chose anatomical elements as the substantial units rather than protein and nucleic acid radicals. At any rate, he already invoked a whole interplay of molecules. The important thing is the principle of the simultaneous unity and variety of the stratum: isomorphism of forms but no correspondence; identity of elements or components but no identity of compound substances.

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Abstract Animal, Organic Stratum poster