The Body Populous poster


Selected from Marc Ngui’s Drawing a Thousand Plateaus project, this is a drawing illustrating Paragraph 5 in the first chapter, “1914: One or Several Wolves” of the book A Thousand Plateaus. Written by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari originally in French, Marc is reading the English version and translating it into drawings. Learn more.

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From Paragraph 7, 1914: One or Several Wolves
A Thousand Plateaus, by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari:

"Whenever someone makes love, really makes love, that person constitutes a body without organs, alone and with the other person or people. A body without organs is not an empty body stripped of organs, but a body upon which that which serves as organs (wolves, wolf eyes, wolf jaws?) is distributed according to crowd phenomena, in Brownian motion, in the form of molecular multiplicities. The desert is populous. Thus the body without organs is opposed less to organs as such than to the organization of the organs insofar as it composes an organism. The body without organs is not a dead body but a living body all the more alive and teeming once it has blown apart the organism and its organization. Lice hopping on the beach. Skin colonies. The full body without organs is a body populated by multiplicities. The problem of the unconscious has most certainly nothing to do with generation but rather peopling, population. It is an affair of worldwide population on the full body of the earth, not organic familial generation."

Drawing a Thousand Plateaus 1914 paragraph 07 poster
The Body Populous poster