Happy Sleepy Array


Happy Sleepy Array is a one of a kind textile sculpture handmade from a lustrous cotton brocade. The brocade is white with a charcoal grey geometric pattern that resembles the stereotypical representation of digital code flowing across a screen. The eyes are hand embroidered with black embroidery floss.


14 inches (35cm) tall
7 inches (18cm) wide
4 inches (9cm) deep


  • 100% cotton brocade in white and grey
  • fusible interfacing backing all the fabric
  • cotton embroidery floss
  • polyester stuffing

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This is the sunbats having a snooze cropping.
Upsidedown aka snoozing Happy Sleepies.

About Happy Sleepies

Happy Sleepies are the signature and namesake items of our collaboration and shop; they are all hand sewn from an original pattern by Magda based on Marc’s drawing of a topsy-turvy creature. Learn more on the dedicated Happy Sleepies project page.

Each Happy Sleepy is unique, one of a kind, and handmade by us.

Stuffed with high quality polyester filling to be soft yet firm and stay that way, based on many years of personal research in cuddling, squeezing, lumbar propping, and general livingroom loving of prototype designs.

Making Process and Child Safety

This art toy is perfectly safe for children of all ages, including infants. The toy can be hand washed with mild detergent. You can use a machine for the rinse cycle and spin cycle to get the excess water out, and dry well while resting on its back. Made in a pet free, smoke free studio.

Happy Sleepies class picture in the studio
Happy Sleepies class picture in the studio, March 2016.