Welcome to Dee Double Dub title panel

Welcome to Dee Double Dub

Two online workshops coming up for Dee Double Dub, one at the Science Gallery in Detroi and one at Subtle Technologies in Toronto. Catch both online!

Colorful geometric print being printed and rolled by a large format banner printer.

Large format printers birthing Crystal King billboards

What a thrill to get these photos from our awesome printer, 905 Printing, of the Crystal King banners still in the giant printer! These are for the Crystal Kings Blazing competition winning entry for the Artist Project 2016 Front Entrance Installation. Our prints are 11 feet wide and 35 to 50 feet long. The printer can do banners up to 16 feet! Hm, a detail to remember, brain gears spinning…! A big thank-you to our … >> read more

Happy Sleepy won the competition for the Artist Project front entrance installation

We are very happy to announce that our entry was chosen for this year’s front entrance installation at the Artist Project art fair. The installation space is an 11 foot tall, 100 foot long wall that we will be covering with giant vinyl banners with paintings hung in the radiating centres. The art fair runs from 18 to 21 February 2016. What do you think? Are you coming out to the fair?

Still from Crystal King animation by Happy Sleepy

Ed Video at Supermarket 2013

Ed Video annouces their booth at Supermarket 2013, hosted in Stockholm, Sweden from 15 to 17 February this year. Supermarket is the annual independent art fair for artist-run galleries and runs at the same time as Market, the annual contemporary art fair in Stockholm. Ed Video will be showing our Crystal King animations.

Crystal King Firecat (Ice Bird)

New Crystal Kings

The images below are works in progress of new Crystal King mixed media paintings. The painting colours will be output as a high end giclee on canvas by Imagefoundry, then wrapped around stretchers, and the lines and the blacks of the eyes will be painted by hand and will have that velvety black that all the Crystal Kings share. The final work will be 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall, and 3 inches deep. … >> read more

Crystal King Ape

Crystal King animations at Supermarket 2013

Announcing a new exhibition of Happy Sleepy art! The Crystal King animations will be exhibited at Supermarket 2013, the Stockholm Independent Art Fair. We’ll be hosted by Ed Video, the awesome media artists centre from Guelph, Ontario, run by Scott McGovern. The other artists presented by Ed Video this year are Marc Bell, Alex McLeod, and Jesse Harris.

A little Onagawa girl holds a puppet she made in Marc's workshop.

Onagawa children assemble Yuuki Flower textile sculpture, Japan

Children living at the temporary housing complex in Okinawa, Japan, assemble the Yuuki Flower sculpture from its components for display in the community market and exhibition space. Daisuke Takeya (blond hair) and Chie Kajiwara (white t-shirt), the curators of the Field Trip Project, assist. It feels fantastic to see so much enthusiasm and interaction with our sculpture. It’s exactly the kind of experience that the art was designed to hopefully generate.

Small abstract, geometric painting on a black background.

Baby Eye for Day 3 of the Fine&Dandy Advent Show 2012

Small abstract, geometric painting on a black background.
Baby Eye, 10″x10″, acrylic gouache on panel, 2012.

New little painting unveiled today at the Fine&Dandy window gallery for their Advent Show – 25 artists for 25 days.

December 3:  Baby Eye by Marc Ngui, 10″x10″, acrylic gouache on panel.

Magda will have a piece unveiled on December 16.

About the Advent Show

From December 1 – 25, Fine & Dandy Gallery at 2017 Dundas Street West Toronto will reveal works by 25 artists, one day at a time.

>> read more

Polytopia textile art in gold wallpaper geometric pyramids wall hanging

Polytopia at 401 Richmond Exhibition Opening – 9 November 2012, 5 to 7pm

November 9 to December 1, 2012 Red Room at 401 Richmond Galleries North lobby area 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Canada Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 7:00 pm Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Meet the Artists at the Opening 5:00  to 7:00 pm Friday, 9 November 2012 Protrusions Polytopia will be installed in the Protrusions exhibition that will show the work of four textile artists: Magda Wojtyra Lynn Kelly Robyn Thomas Ying Yueh-Chuang … >> read more

Field Trip Project :)

Official website of the Field Trip Project launches

Field Trip Project art lined up in a shipping yard, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan 2012.
Field Trip Project art lined up in a shipping yard, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan 2012.
Field Trip Project Logo
Visit the official website.

The official website for the Field Trip Project launched today, with tons of photos and information about past and upcoming exhibition venues. I love this project as it aligns with so many of my and Marc’s beliefs of the role and potential of art in the world.

From the Field Trip Project About page:

Field Trip Project is a mobile/ participatory/ interactive art exhibition installed within Japanese elementary school backpacks. Traveling to various locations, it connects people and bridges communities.

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