Welcome to Dee Double Dub title panel

Welcome to Dee Double Dub

Two online workshops coming up for Dee Double Dub, one at the Science Gallery in Detroi and one at Subtle Technologies in Toronto. Catch both online!

Thousand Plateaus illustration

“What Does It Mean to Love Somebody?” poster in the shop

By popular demand, the image “What does it mean to love someone?” is now available as a print in our shop in an open edition. Choose a small or medium size archival print and have it delivered to your door. Standard shipping is included in the price. This drawing is part of Marc’s ongoing project to visualize A Thousand Plateas, a book of French philosophy by Giles Deleuze and Felix Gauttari.

Happy Sleepy won the competition for the Artist Project front entrance installation

We are very happy to announce that our entry was chosen for this year’s front entrance installation at the Artist Project art fair. The installation space is an 11 foot tall, 100 foot long wall that we will be covering with giant vinyl banners with paintings hung in the radiating centres. The art fair runs from 18 to 21 February 2016. What do you think? Are you coming out to the fair?

Happy Sleepy Bolt

Happy Sleepy Bolt in the New Happy Sleepy Shop

Happy Sleepy Bolt
Happy Sleepy Bolt on the beach in Panama. The shiny PVC makes it look like he’s sweating, but he’s good.
Glossy pink rubber toy stuffed animal by Happy Sleepy
Happy Sleepy Bolt is now in the shop! Adopt him today.

Happy Sleepy Bolt is now in the shop! Adopt him today.Over the last few weeks we have made many changes to the website, the biggest being the addition of a shop right here in the Land of Happy Sleepy. It’s a soft launch and we’ll be adding lots of new art to the store over the next few weeks.

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Illustrations for The Urban Cycling Survival Guide

I have recently completed the illustrations for  a “survival guide” for urban bicyclists. Limited road space shared with large vehicles and impatient drivers in the city can be treacherous for cyclists. This guide provides excellent advice on how to navigate busy streets safely and  get the most out of a bike enabled lifestyle. The guide was written by Yvonne Bambrick, who has been active as a cycling advocate in Toronto for many years.  It was great … >> read more

Sustainable city illustration for ReNew Canada

The cover of the latest issue of ReNew Canada: The Infrastructure Magazine features an illustration that I made. The assignment was to come up with a vision of a near-future sustainable city. In the words of editor Andre Voshart : “I am looking for a cover illustration around the topic of urban density and growth–and fighting back against the idea of urban sprawl and car-based societies. It looks at the way city planners are going to make … >> read more

Limited Edition Risograph Print for InterAccess

InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre in Toronto  is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year with Mecha Kucha. I made this limited edition risograph print for the event which will be held on Jan 16th, at the Drake Underground in Toronto. These prints will be for sale at the event for $30.