New Happy Sleepy shop on Etsy

Drumroll, please…

The new Happy Sleepy shop on Etsy is open!

Happy Sleepy Star Dipped stuffed animarl art toy for sale on Etsy
Happy Sleepy Star Dipped stuffed animal art toy for sale on Etsy

Currently the shop features art toys in the signature Happy Sleepy shape of the reversible abstract animal that looks like he is either beaming happy or fast asleep, depending which way you hold him up. There is no top or down with the Happy Sleepies.

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The Zak Meadow Collection

Zak Meadow is a comic strip that ran in Room Magazine (an alternative arts monthly based in Windsor, Ontario) from 1997 to 2001.  These photocopied zines were originally published between 1998 and 2000.

Marc interview on Come Up To My Room

Marc with gelato, Rome, September 2008. Click the photo to see more pictures of Marc in the world.
Marc with gelato, Rome, September 2008. Click the photo to see more pictures of Marc in the world.

Jeremy Vandermeijinterviewed Marc as the first installment in the Origin Interviews on the Come Up to My Room blog. The Origin Interviews are an extension of the 2009 panel discussion The Origin of the Designer.

As generous as Marc’s creative output in the world is, he can be reclusive as to his direct thoughts and opinions even on topics that are of great importance to him. So it is a treat to read gems like this:

Jeremy: What do you yearn for?

Marc: An anti-gravity belt and ecocities.

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Going Nomad

In the fall of 2005, Magda and I decided to sell off most of our possessions and embark on an extended period of travel.

The reasons for this were many.

Magda had a distinct feeling of being stuck.

We had figured out a way to coast through our life as freelance graphic designers/artists. We had developed a well-worn, carefully cultivated, comfortable rut of routine in Toronto. Our combination of skills and our solid network of business contacts and friends assured that we would be able to maintain a subsistence level artist existence in the city, although that year we were getting a bit more in debt every month. Although our apartment and such was comfortable, there was very little social wiggle room and the resulting torpor was upsetting to Magda. This is a very frustrating situation for someone who thrives in a rich environment characterized by rapid changes.

Our personal evolution was at a standstill. We needed to shake things up.

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