Striped textile sculpture spinning on a striped background.

Happy Sleepy Striped Orange textile sculpture gif animations

These animated gifs show a Happy Sleepy sculpture in progress. The fabric has been cut, sewn, and stuffed, and the last step, the eyes, are next. In the meantime, the photographic opportunity of the pure form and remaining fabric irresistible. The color is day-glo orange and impossible to photograph, especially because the cotton fabric is very smooth and lustrous. In the late afternoon sun in our studio, the colors simply glow. The fabric was purchased … >> read more

Purple and yellow paper sculpture called Geom Fish.

The Reef Animated Gifs

Animated gifs of painted paper “fauna” elements against a textile sculpture background from the Reef project that was installed at upART 2011. There are a couple of Happy Sleepies in there, too.

Loading... Animated gif of a portion of the Reef textile art and painted paper sculptures installation by Happy Sleepy, aka Marc Ngui and Magda Wojtyra.

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