Happy Sleepy February Rain embroidered art toy

Happy Sleepy February Rain hand embroidered textile sculpture

Happy Sleepy February Rain, wool and cashmere coating, cotton embroidery by hand, fusible interfacing, polyester stuffing, 2020 Happy Sleepy February Rain – the name of this little soft sculpture and the blue embroidery dashes on a grey cashmere background tell a story of the end of winter 2020 by the Detroit River. February accommodates well hunkering down to do some hand embroidery, both to pass the winter and to rescue the mind with creativity and … >> read more

This is the sunbats having a snooze cropping.

New batch of Happy Sleepy Array art toys

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Happy Sleepies flash through transitional space time in Waterloo

The nomadic lifestyle is coming to a close. After 5 years of uprootedness, Marc and I will be moving to a new home for 1 February 2011. We have signed a year lease on a sprawling apartment in Cambridge, Ontario. The apartment is a portion of a 120 year old stone mansion and will give us the much needed grounding and the sheer volume and area of space needed for larger, more ambitious works of art.

In the meantime, for the month of January 2011 we are house sitting in our old university town of Waterloo, Ontario. It’s in the snow belt, oh yes, it’s very peaceful and quiet.

I have been balming my impatient pangs of biding time in a transition space by sewing up and embroidering one Happy Sleepy after another.

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