Lodar and his Bubble Car

Lodar and His Bubblecar

A sequence from a story that follows Lodar, a regular guy in a eutopian future, as he goes about a typical day. I am currently writing the script and designing the world.

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Mother’s Day saris in Nepal

Red and pink saris worn by married women on Mother's Day in Nepal, 2009.

On Mother’s Day in Nepal, married daughters wear read (or other bright colour close to red) and buy fruit and sweets in the market as well as other presents and go to visit their mothers.

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Village butcher wears a lungi

Customers wearing lungi in front of the village butcher in the early morning light, Auroville, India.

A lungi is sort of a dohti, which is the men’s version of the sari and widely worn in the south of India.

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