Polytopia textile art in gold wallpaper geometric pyramids wall hanging

Polytopia at 401 Richmond Exhibition Opening – 9 November 2012, 5 to 7pm

November 9 to December 1, 2012 Red Room at 401 Richmond Galleries North lobby area 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Canada Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 7:00 pm Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Meet the Artists at the Opening 5:00  to 7:00 pm Friday, 9 November 2012 Protrusions Polytopia will be installed in the Protrusions exhibition that will show the work of four textile artists: Magda Wojtyra Lynn Kelly Robyn Thomas Ying Yueh-Chuang … >> read more

Braveland exhibition opening

After a month of not a drop of rain, the heavens opened up lustily on the day of the opening of Braveland. The opening reception at Cafe Pho Nho was quite dry and cozy, and the rain did stop in time for a walk to the Braveland window at Fine & Dandy. The group first made it’s way to see New Crust by Eunice Luk in the Howard Park Institute window. More photos are on … >> read more

Bon Courage

Exhibition Announcement: Braveland by Happy Sleepy part of WNDW

Happy Sleepy will soon have a new show! We are busy working on Braveland, an installation for the Fine & Dandy window gallery in June. Braveland presents a pair of giant medals made of brightly painted cardboard and textiles and emblazoned with the phrases “Forza” and “Bon Courage”. Set in a fantastical, geometric landscape, the medals celebrate the viewer’s many daily acts of courage. Fine & Dandy 2017 Dundas St West, Toronto, Canada 1 to … >> read more

Polytopia Takedown

It took months to make, a week to assemble, 4 hours to hoist up, 2 hours to nail in place, and only 1 hour to take down. It was kind of sad! This project has a lot of life of its own, in a way, and ripping out the staples felt like disecting some creature. I kept whispering to it that it shouldn’t worry, and that I hoped it didn’t hurt too much. A surprisingly … >> read more