splash page for Future Parfait showing a resident on the terraforming training field.

Future Parfait is an art project that imagines an ideal possible future for global civilization starting from the conditions of the present.

Guiding Principles

1.  Civilization currently has the technological and cultural capacity to create an equitable global culture which operates within planetary boundaries and where each individual has the opportunity to self realize.

2.  The arc of civilization shows that compassionate cooperation, rather than territorial competition, is the more potent evolutionary force for culture.


Three Project Sections


Central Shield Special Administrative Biome: the eutopian city. A vast, ecologically integrated, equitable living machine.


Stories of Lodar, the self-realised everyman, and his friends and their lives in the world of Future Parfait.


The communal dreamtime of homo sapiens ananda. A playground for the healthy subconscious of a eutopian society.