Future Parfait

Radically Optimistic. Speculatively Pragmatic. Est. 2008

Xandy on her hover bike flying through a winter storm at night. A large urbiome stands in the background
Future Parfait is an art project that imagines the evolution of a radically optimistic possible future for global civilization starting from the conditions of the present.

The Three Ecologies of Future Parfait


Urbiomes are densely inhabited ecologically integrated, equitable living machines for humans and all of their urban companions. They are designed to exist in harmony with local earth systems and host a wide range of civic niches.


Explore life in the urbiome and the world of homo sapiens ananda, a speculative sub-species of human, with Lodar and his friends as they thrive in an ever evolving culture.


The Cosmazon


The communal dreamtime of homo sapiens ananda. A playground for the healthy subconscious of a eutopian society.

Welcome to Dee Double Dub title panel
Title Panel for Welcome to Dee Double Dub, a 12 page speculative design comic from the Future Parfait project by Marc Ngui. Part of the Future Present exhibition at the Science Gallery, Detroit, 2020.

Welcome to Dee Double Dub

Dee Double Dub thriving civic space

It is the year 2220, about 170 years after a Global Green New Deal paved the way for an extensive retooling and restructuring of human civilization into an equitable culture that respects the environmental boundaries of the planet.

Marc Ngui woldbuilding city cross section

The DWW (Detroit-Windsor-Waawiyaataanong) Urbiome is a vast ecologically integrated metropolis situated on the Detroit River in the Southern Great Lakes Forests Ecoregion.

Voltron playing lacrosse in Dee Double Dub by Marc Ngui

A radically optimistic vision of a benevolent civic structure that has evolved to enable all of its inhabitants, human and otherwise, to thrive.

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We gratefully acknowledge the support of The Canada Council for the Arts and The Ontario Arts Council.

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