Future Parfait

Radically Optimistic. Speculatively Pragmatic. Est. 2008

Xandy on her hover bike flying through a winter storm at night. A large urbiome stands in the background
Future Parfait is an art project that imagines the evolution of a radically optimistic possible future for global civilization starting from the conditions of the present.

The Three Ecologies of Future Parfait


Urbiomes are densely inhabited ecologically integrated, equitable living machines for humans and all of their urban companions. They are designed to exist in harmony with local earth systems and host a wide range of civic niches.


Explore life in the urbiome and the world of homo sapiens ananda, a speculative sub-species of human, with Lodar and his friends as they thrive in an ever evolving culture.


The Cosmazon


The communal dreamtime of homo sapiens ananda. A playground for the healthy subconscious of a eutopian society.

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A Civitas of Species 

Humans and non-humans thrive alongside each other in benevolent civic megastructures designed to perform within planetary boundaries. A cross-section of the Central Shield urbiome from Jewel of the Boreal. 

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Flying to lunch with the Butterfly Harness, a mode of  personal transportation in Central Shield, the city in Future Parfait.
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Welcome to Dee Double Dub title panel
Title Panel for Welcome to Dee Double Dub, a 12 page speculative design comic from the Future Parfait project by Marc Ngui. Part of the Future Present exhibition at the Science Gallery, Detroit, 2020.

A radically optimistic vision
of a benevolent civic structure
that has evolved to enable all of its inhabitants,
human and otherwise,
to thrive.

Dee Double Dub thriving civic space

It is the year 2220, about 170 years after a Global Green New Deal paved the way for an extensive retooling and restructuring of human civilization into an equitable culture that respects the environmental boundaries of the planet.

Marc Ngui woldbuilding city cross section

The DWW (Detroit-Windsor-Waawiyaataanong) Urbiome is a vast ecologically integrated metropolis situated on the Detroit River in the Southern Great Lakes Forests Ecoregion.

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Future Parfait in the Blog

World-building notes for Jewel of the Boreal, panel 11: “City of Art and Science”

By Marc Ngui | 3 May 2023

Members of Central Shield Civic Corps conduct the operation of construction A.N.T.s (Autonomous Networked Things) as they repair a carbon capture coil near Superior City. The line between work and play is at best a fuzzy affair in Central Shield. Every citizen is expected to participate as a member of the Central Shield’s Civic Corps. Duties run the range from simple park maintenance to more complicated activities like construction and engineering of the megastructures. In … >> read more

Welcome to Dee Double Dub title panel

Welcome to Dee Double Dub

By Marc Ngui | 12 October 2020

Two online workshops coming up for Dee Double Dub, one at the Science Gallery in Detroi and one at Subtle Technologies in Toronto. Catch both online!

Pen and ink illustration with digital color, Jewel of the Boreal by Marc Ngui

“Jewel of the Boreal”, an illustration of a sunset view over one of the bays of the futuristic city of Central Shield

By Magda | 8 January 2018

When we invent the future, the most important thing is to capture is the feeling so that we can make a connection to that time space and then climb up and forward just like a mountain climber who uses safety ropes on a sheer cliff wall. So what is it like to live in the future, in Central Shield? The animated gif cartoon above was created by taking vignettes from one of Marc’s latest panoramic … >> read more

Young woman standing next to air bike, preparing to leave for work.

Heading to work in Future Parfait

By Magda | 7 December 2016

Fur suit, fur helmet, and air bike ready on the terrace of a cliff residence. An early sketch from Marc  in the Lodar storyline.

Return to Toronto

By Marc Ngui | 12 December 2015

Return to Toronto was created for inclusion in the anthology GreenTOpia, published by Coachhouse Press, Toronto. It was also exhibited at the Ecocity World Summit 2008 in San Francisco, USA. (www.ecocityworldsummit.org) Read more about the ideas behind the images over at Project Hieroglyph.

Lodar and his Bubble Car

Lodar and His Bubblecar

By Marc Ngui | 28 July 2015

A sequence from a story that follows Lodar, a regular guy in a eutopian future, as he goes about a typical day. I am currently writing the script and designing the world.

Lodar instructing the putti.

Lodar Instructing Putti

By Marc Ngui | 28 July 2015

Here is another scene from the Lodar story.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of The Canada Council for the Arts and The Ontario Arts Council.

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